Friday, August 27, 2010

A Lesson Well-Learnt

There are no strangers. Only friends you have never met.
No matter how cliched it sounds - this is so true!
It has been almost two months since I joined my new course in a new college in a new city. In this span of two months, I have not really made any new friends. My hectic schedule prevents me from spending quality time to bond with someone new, and catching up with some old friends of mine in the city is how I end up spending all my leisure time. Also, most people in my class are 'nerds' and are, most of the time, immersed in books!

Hence, what happened yesterday was something I never anticipated: During a class, my teacher was talking about traumatic events and how difficult it is for an outsider to truly understand the feelings of a person who witnessed such an incident.
Many of my classmates were reminded of some tough times they had undergone and one girl's experience was so similar to mine that I somehow lost control of my emotions and broke down completely - my wounds were, after all, still fresh as it had happened less than a year ago!
I had never expected my classmates to try so hard to cheer me up and help me calm down. They were all very nice to me. Of course, there were one or two exceptions, but I choose to concentrate only on the perfect things! Yesterday, I realized that all people in my class are basically very good and I should give them a chance and try knowing them better. They may be book-worms and I am not one but I should not hold that against them. Inside, they are all wonderful people who want to help and shower warmth and affection, and be friends...


Jigyasa said...

Hey Sapphire......strong girls too break down at dont worry! I had read somewhere that people come in life for Reason| Season| Lifetime| and I am sure like this incident changed your opinion about your classmates(expect the mentioned exceptions) will soon get some very good life is one which we get just make the full out of it. You will cherish!

God Bless you with good friends!

Keep Smiling!

Sapphire said...

Thank You, Dear :)
Hope all is good at your end :)

leo said...

hmm..made new friends the hard way eh? :D jus u re rt u kno..its hard to get the ppl who think the same way u do and want to talk the same things u do..some coincedence this cos i ws discussin this with a friend of mine today..most of the time we have to make do with the ppl arnd us..and sometimes in moments like this they show they can be entirely different personalities too...funny world moment u hate or rather dont care to be with them, and the next u re made to c them in a new light..wat re u studyin by the way?

Sapphire said...

Am doing MA in Counselling actually :) And yes it is a crazy, funny world :D :D People are present in all shapes and sizes and they are all unique :) We just have to learn to celebrate these differences :D

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. It is true that distance makes heart grow fonder but a nice hug at the time of need works wonders than a 10 pages letter or mai. Never even think of not coming close in friendships as time flows and we need to keep adapting to new situations. On this one, do keep positive attitude and also do not have preconceived ideas about others. Most of the persons are good at heart given a chance. I am glad you coursemates ralled around you. Do share what hurt you, if you wish to and it may enable me to see if I can do something to mitigate it.

Take care

Sapphire said...

Thank You! I appreciate your concern :)

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