Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Year Resolution

First of all, I would like to wish all the people who read my blog a Very Happy New Year! I know these wishes are a little late, but they are truly from the heart! I sincerely hope that the year 2010 brings peace and happiness to all of you!

I am not a person who believes in making New Year Resolutions, primarily because I am never able to keep even one of them! However, this year I did make a resolution which I hope I am able to keep...
From this year onwards, I have resolved to stop taking people, especially, my friends for granted.
I hope to be more patient with my friends and not let my temper take over. Even if we have a fight, I will ensure that we sort things out at that very moment instead of sleeping over the matter.
2009 made me realize that no matter how hard I try, some things are just not in my hands and I don't know if the time I am spending with my loved one may just happen to be the last time I am seeing him or her. Therefore, I have resolved to ensure that I always part ways with everyone on a good note so that in case we do not get a chance to meet again, I will at least be thankful that we were happy the last time we were together rather than wishing fervently for having the power to turn back time like Hiro Nakamura...