Friday, August 14, 2009


It is the wish of every student to experience the fun of bunking classes! I don't think there is any student in this world who has never ever missed even one class!

Many of us try to bunk classes in school. If luck is on our side and we succeed, we can boast of our courage at being successful in breaking the rules and skipping the boring lectures; and if we are ill-fated and get caught, we are doomed!
When I was in school, I have bunked quite a few times - and I especially engaged in group bunking. One fine day, me and my gang of friends would decide to skip school and stay at home. It was fun! However, back in school we had to make our parents sign a note stating the reason for our absence - and what was often a tricky business! While my parents had no issues with me staying back at home if I did not feel like going, many of my friends' parents were not so liberal and my friends often got into trouble for not attending classes!
Once we all got caught bunking assembly -and we landed ourselves in detention!

Once we step into college, rules are more relaxed! We are free to bunk as much as we want - but at the end of the year, we need to have at least 85% attendance in order to be able to write our exams. No one wants to know why you did not attend class - if you don't attend, you do not get attendance! The fear of getting caught bunking is absent, which makes the whole affair not so thrilling!
Therefore, bunking in college is not as much fun as it used to be in school. Initially, it was nice to skip one or two classes and watch a movie - but it did not feel the same as bunking in school: because out here, we were not really breaking any rules!
However, in college - mass bunking is the fun thing to do. One fine day, the whole class decides that none of them are going to attend any class...however, mass bunking has its risks and it is a very difficult thing to do. For one, not all are ready to bunk - there are many who have attendance shortage and want to come to class. Secondly, we may land ourselves into a lot of trouble. However, one finds solace in the fact that one is not alone and is with all his or her friends. In order to engage in a successful mass bunk, the CR or class representative must ensure that the entire class does not turn up. He or she is always the scape-goat because in case something goes wrong, he or she must be able to provide the authorities with suitable explanation! One must keep in mind that the class also consists of a few studious, unwanted elements who may try getting everyone into trouble and foil the master-plan of mass bunking by complaining to the teachers! Keeping these people in check is integral in order to be successful in carrying out a mass-bunk!

All in all, I feel that bunking is an art and an essential part of every student's life. It is fun as long as it is not done very frequently. As students, we should all skip classes at some point of time or the other and sit back and enjoy life!


rimz said...

Nice post. In Disciplined lyf the fun is in breaking the rules..And bukning classes is jst an indipensible part of our student lyf.
A lil sugstn.. The color combination of ur blog is bit is a nice colr n black is very good, but the together dsnt make a grt combo. it hurts the eyes a bit. try urself.

cheers..kip writing gal..:)

rimz said...

n ya, if u wish u can visit my another blog U may like it.
bye. take care.

Sapphire said...

Hi! Thanks for liking the post :) :) Bunking is fun, isn't it? Visited your other blog and I did like it :) :)

rimz said...

hii, ur blog is looking much bettr now...:)
Ya bunkin is fun, but i do it less. Deres some reasn behind it,i'll tell u sometimes.:)
tke care.
N ya, u r Kolkata-gal.Must be bengali?huh?

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Sapphire...

U reminded me of my college days,where bunking was a literal fun out of those things a student could do..:) I too have same experiences..:)

And now, i'm working..and yar no more bunks....:(..:(..only leaves ..:)

Any ways...every part of life is good..:)

ENjoy ur college days and keep me updated with ur routines, because they are my memories, which i simply love...:)

Sapphire said...

thanks :D :D
well whether i am a bengali or not - it's kind of difficult to say...been born and brought up in Kolkata - therefore regard myself as a Bengali - can speak, read, write Bengali food and the people...Durga Puja! So yea, I am a Bengali!!

Definitely will keep writing more :) So glad you like reading my posts :D It must be a walk down memory lane for you!
I don't feel like leaving college - I wish I could stay young and study whole life. Once you enter the world of work, life just gets monotonous, I feel!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sapphire..

Thanks a lot fr dropping by..:)

This post brought back my memories..

I used to bunk classes when i was in school ,in college its more liberal .I used to skip at least a class each day ..i just got addicted to that hard feelings though..:)I enjoyed to the core in my college..Oh man..!

**Bunking is an art..

and i agree with this completely..:) Its more than an art..hehehe

Thanks for sharing this Dear ..!

Keep writing more of your college and to read ..


Sapphire said...

Hi Vyshu!

Ha!Ha! Yes...bunking is so much fun...I bunked a lot in my senior years but there were a few times I ended up getting caught. When I went to college, I was looking forward to just skipping classes as much as I want. However, it isn't so much fun because no one really bothers - you have that freedom bestowed upon you :D

Lee Spangler said...

Now that I am older I prefer rebellious acts of kindness.

Sapphire said...

I think bunking is an act of kindness at some level. When there are no students, even the teachers can take the day off :)

Anonymous said...

Dear've been Tagged..!

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