Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random Musings On Existence

“The only thing certain about life is death.”
However, we all want to live – no one wishes to die. Perhaps, that is why Pablo Neruda, in his poem, ‘Nothing But Death’ described Death’s face to be green - for death is always jealous of life! We all celebrate birth – we all mourn when someone dies....Grief and pain are nobody’s favourite emotions. But we all have to die one day.
So, why is it that we fear death so much?
Is it a fear of the unknown? Is the fact that no one has ever come back to the land of the living to report what all happens after death a reason for this fear?

The reason why I fear death is because I am scared to imagine what it would be like to not exist anymore. By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. What if Heaven and Hell are imaginary concepts and in reality, are non-existent? What if all those ghost stories we hear are mere constructions of our imagination and in reality, there are no such things as ghosts or spirits? Would that mean that when I die, I will be reduced to nothing? Even that thought of turning into nothing is terrifying!

I do not fear oblivion. I am sure people will remember me even after I die – I have definitely left an indelible mark on the lives of many people.
But I am scared of not living. What would it be like to not be able to grab the phone and hear the voice of your best friend? What would it be like to not walk down the beach, find a corner and watch the setting sun? What would it be like to not be able to enjoy ice-creams and feast on your favourite pizza?

Even if dead people wander in an alternate universe, parallel to the living, and are capable of visiting the living beings on earth, what’s the point? Even if I am able to see what my friends and family are doing, the fact that I won’t be a part of their lives anymore is not at all a nice feeling. I will not be able to talk to them – any means of communication with them would only freak them out! I would want them to move on with their lives but I am sure I would feel sorry for myself. I may be sounding selfish but I don’t want to be someone who anyone can let go off so easily...

What do you think about death? Do you have the same fears as I do or am I just suffering from a bout of paranoia?


Ellen said...

These are real thoughts which confront anyone.. everybody. We've been told that the only real thoughts about death are those which reflect death as a transition to something so much better than what life is or was to us. That something better could only mean --- God. Life is but a journey to our final place and true home. That home is were God is. Heaven or whatever name it is called is our final destination.

Yet we still fear death for it spells the end to everything that we know, cherish, love, possess, and all that we are so attached to in our lifetime.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey, there r all the feelings any mere human being have in initial stages of thinking abt it.. with time, u will understand more abt it..:)

some fears are inevitable.. only a toughest problems can solve such fears at times really..:)

No probs,be happy..

Jack said...


We all have to go one day. God, heaven, hell, ghosts, fairies are all matter of faith one has. Nirvana is another belief which we believe in, that is freedom from cycle of birth & death. You are still too young and have yet to taste life in all facets. I can say that after having lived so long, I feel that if one who does his or her duty truthfully, spreads happiness and carries no malice against anyone will have no fears of departing as he or she will be satisfied with what has been done. We fear death due to love for our children or what we love to do, so if one has done all what needs to be done, the fear of death automatically goes. Live and enjoy but without harming anyone.

Take care

leo said...

firstly,you are not the first one to have such thoughts..i had them..lots of people have them,proof-the many replies before this..secondly,people who want to hear their friends voices oér the phone(am taking an eg. frm your write-up) are not going to be thinking about the time they have left..they are gonna be doing those things..its o.k thinking of non-existance..but if its the concept of not existing that worries you,i should say you need to be worrying about the things you need to be doing with the life you have before you become non-existant...maybe learn to celebrate life..have you thought about celebrating life?-think about it,that will make this one fade away..that was the basic concept in 'the bucket list'and 'dus vidaniyan'!!look i hate lecturing and philosophy and this is as far as i can get :D but when you start to enjoy and celebrate your life,i think you will find these thoughts vanishing...iam getting paranoid thinkin if we can have this much of fun in heaven :D...sounds pretty strict and boring to a suggestion-lose the green font and the violet have been having enough of them..

Sapphire said...

@Ellen - yeah that's true :) And the only thing that scares me more than losing everything I possess, love and care about is that thought "what if there is nothing better beyond this?"

@pramoda - yes dear :)

@Jack - I am not scared of Heaven/Hell or not attaining nirvana - it's just that temptation of not wanting to let go of things one is comfortable around....

@Leo - Yes :) I can see that I am not paranoid :) I do celebrate my life and enjoy myself a lot :) But yes I am paranoid - like u - wondering what lies beyond - will it be just as nice?

leo said...

hey i hate to dash your hopes..but i think this is as good as it gets.i think u and i have got decent lives..we didnt have to fight everyday of our lives to stay alive..and for me this beats having to flow around in white robes doing God knows what(thats my idea of heaven:D).absolutely boring..but to answer you more seriously, i think the things we do in this world better be completed here..eating pizza,doing my favourite job,those things end with this world..and iam getting paranoid about finishing it in this world..i only wish i could recognise my loved ones in the next world too as i dont think that i'll be able to finish the business i have with them..i know that this what u fear 2..but as far as i have heard theres no solution for its futile t think abt it..better t hav all the fun u can nw n not waste even a moment worrying abt later-yes even the time u take to think abt it..but even then acc to me heaven sucks!!:D

Sapphire said...

@Leo - Ha!Ha!Ha! I like that bit "Heaven Sucks" - lol!!

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